Hindu Acharya Sabha is undertaking various projects like Bank , HAS coffee land , Entrepreneurship programs, Temple Renovation etc. The aim of the projects are to develop the Hindu community all over India

Save Temples Bharath

Hindu Acharya Sabha & Save Temples Bharat invite our Hindu Bandhus for a Symposium on Protection and Practice of Sanathana Dharma and its Challenges. Date :28th Feb 2021 From: 9am to 8pm. Venue: Ilapuram Convention Hall, Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Contact: Mrs Jaya 88481 25860 Mr Manoj 91107 26263


Hindu Acharya Sabha is providing Annadanam everyday around 100 people at kollam in the leadership of Swami Souparnika Vijendra puri. Among various forms of charity, Annadhanam is the highest virtue. Hunger is theworst type of disease. Only food is the remedy for this dreaded disease. Annadhanam is a way of.... Read More