A New India can only be created if today’s youths can embrace values of Sanathana Dharma which is beyond the reach of Caste and Communal divides.Kerala High Court Judge Justice P.D. Rajan pointed out this fact while he was inaugurating the birthday ceremony of Swami Souparnika Vijendra Puri.The event was organized by Hindu Acharya Sabha. The declaration of various social projects undertaken by Hindu Acharya Sabha Committee also took place on 4th January 2019.Justice PD Rajan said that the projects would be carried out throughout various places in Kerala.HAS Multi State Co-operative Society and Cafe under the complete control of women would be started soon.Hindu Acharya Sabha Kerala State President Professor Konni Gopakumar presided over the function. Sivasena Kerala State President Bhuvanachandran, NRI Businessman Baburaj, Kaithavanathara Sankarankutty, Advocate K.M.Jayanandan,Dr. Mohan, Somayaji, Rahul Aditya, Mattam Mahadeva Temple President Ramachandran, Dr. Prathapan Meditrina, Sabarigiri Group Chairman R. Prasad,Hindu Acharya Sabha Kerala General Secretary K. Satish, Advocate K. Babu, Anil Lakshmanan, S. Sudhi also spoke on the occasion.